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  • Optical Sensors

  • Eddy Current Sensors

  • IR Temperatur Pyrometers

  • Metrology Systems

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    ALLSENS Messtechnik
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    Your specialist for metrology and solutions in established industries

    Industrie Anwendung Weg Messtechnik Laser Mikrometer Wirbelstrom Sensor Laser Mikrometer

    High precision measuring devices for non-contact applications

  • Optical principles for measurement of distance, thickness, diameter ...

  • Elektro-magnetical sensors for dection of distance, thickness, diameter, ...

  • Non-contact measurement of temperature with pyrometers

  • Integrated systems for detection of geometric units like distance, thickness, diameter, surface profiles, temperatur ...

  • Please use our experience and order the most efficient solution. We are pleased to answer your inquiry.

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    ALLSENS Measurements - Product overview - Metrology for highest Precision
    Industrie Anwendungen Laser-Sensor Wirbelstrom-Sensor Scanner Laser Temperatur-Messung

    Optical devices for geometric units with highest precision

    Electro-magnetic metrology equipment

    Infrared temperatur sensors

    System integrated solutions

    On our German site ---> ---> you will find additional info.

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